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Proper maintenance of your building’s roof is essential to the safety of the people who live or work there. It also ensures the building will last. Extensive roof damage that is not taken care of can result in structural damage to both the interior and exterior of your building. The best way to avoid damages, which can be costly, is to perform annual inspections. Take a look over your roof to identify any trouble areas, but it’s best to hire a professional to thoroughly inspect the roof for serious and underlying problems.

The most common type of roof damage comes from the inside! Checking the condition of the building’s attic is very important. Make sure all insulation is in good condition and repair or replace any areas that need upgrading. Humidity can become trapped in a poorly insulated attic which leads to structural damage of the roof and building interior. Installing the proper amount of insulation is a great way to prevent humid air from collecting and will lower your energy bills.

When it comes time to look at the exterior roofing, there are a few key things to look for. Should you notice any of the problems listed below, contact a professional roofer for a full inspection. These are issues that you need to bring to a roofer’s attention right away:

  • Broken or curled shingles, especially around the edges of the roof where they are more prone to lift and wear
  • Buildup of debris along the surface and at the edges or gutters, which can interfere with proper water drainage.
  • Look for moss growth which could indicate the presence of rot below the surface
  • Cracking or missing sealant along the vents, skylights, and flashing
  • Blistering of materials, which indicates insulation problems as well as material defects
  • Loose, broken or missing shingles will leave exposed spaces and should be repaired or replaced right away

If the repairs are small such as repairing missing or broken shingles, then you can probably handle that yourself. For any more extensive damages or wear, Call Toledo Roof Repair to perform an inspection and offer the best solutions for your commercial roofing problems.