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Wind Damage 101:

Your facility’s roof and exterior is the only defense between you and your employees and Mother Nature’s powerful fury and even minor wind damage can lead to major problems.  For that reason, it’s important for you to be aware of the kinds of damage that wind can cause to your roof and your home.

During high wind events, wind speeds fluctuate, create swirling effects and change direction quickly. Consequently, your roofing components are lifted up allowing windblown debris to lodge between the shingles and the underpinning of your roof.

Wind-blown debris can not only dent and scar shingles and cut holes in your roof, but they can also accumulate and clog gutters and downspouts which will cause water back-up and ice damming.

Wind blowing over a roof isn’t really a problem until it starts to move materials. Damage is initiated as a partial vacuum is created from wind blowing over the edge of the roof surface pushing up on the bottom side of the roof assembly, thus allowing the roof to be susceptible to damage from moderate or strong winds.

Some of the damage caused by high winds is obvious like missing shingles or cracked roofing materials can often be seen from the ground, however, it’s really best to have an experienced roofing contractor like the experts at Toledo Roof Repair and Diversified Group perform an onsite inspection of your roof.

Materials that are subject to damage include the membrane of the shingles, felt, flashings, nails, ridge cap and vents.  Wherever materials are even a little bit loose, the suction of the wind is going to raise it up, get underneath it, push it up and cause damage.

Once the underside of roofing is exposed, rain can get in, and ultimately leak into the interior of your home. Wind damage can start small and grow worse through repeated cycles over time.

As the edges are lifted up a peeling effect begins to occur and in subsequent wind events, these areas get pushed up and over a little more each time until the whole corner is exposed, causing water leakage to the interior of your home.

Strong winds can easily cause extreme damage to your roof however even minor wind damage can be covered under your homeowner’s insurance policy. The good news is that even with minor damage, insurance companies usually require that the entire roof be replaced, not just the damaged portion. Often times your roof can be replaced with very little out-of-pocket expense in these cases.

The other good news is that the roofing specialist at Toledo Roof Repair is also an insurance restoration specialist. He has a vast amount of experience working with insurance companies and adjusters and can work through the process of filing insurance claims and getting the job approved.

The list of hazards that a roof system has to contend with is incredible and it’s important in these case to hire an expert. Give us a call at Toledo Roof Repair at 419-297-6138 or get a free estimate with not obligation.